ICON – Pro Driver VST

The ICON Pro Driver VST is the control panel behind 23 of ICON Digital’s recording audio interfaces. It also features a plugin host. We upgraded their existing Control Panel and audio engine and developed the plugin host from inception.  Hong Kong based Icon Digital sells this product worldwide.

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BKE – Beat Thang Hardware

Beat Thang is a portable sampling workstation devoted to music production. It has an innovative user interface that re-imagines production workflow. It ships with an on-board library of 5000 sounds and features extensive interfacing with Macs, PCs and other devices.

We developed Beat Thang from conceptualization to mass production. We engineered the native sound library, developed the OS, support applications, authorization and the customer service systems.

BKE Beat Thang is currently distributed in 35 countries. Distributors include Guitar Center, Sam Ash, Sweet Water and Musicians Friend.

BKE Beat Thang was honored with The 2012 DJ Zone Crystal Disc Award for most innovative new DJ tool. Users include Stevie Wonder, Mr DJ (Outkast), Dallas Austin, Shannon Sanders (India Arie), Commissioner Gordon (Lauren Hill) and Bangladesh.

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BKE – Beat Thang Virtual

Beat Thang Virtual (BTV) is a Mac or PC based application that can work stand-alone, or as a librarian companion  to Beat Thang hardware. BTV has both 64bit and 32bit versions. It ships with 5000 sounds and presets.

We developed BTV from conceptualization to production. We managed design, development, beta testing and roll-out. We also developed BTVs presets and content library.

BTV is currently sold worldwide. Users include Johnny Juice (Public Enemy), Rock Wilder, Teddy Riley and Polow Da Don.

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ICON Digital USA – ACS

 Icon Digital USA’s Automated Customer Service or ACS System is a customer relationship management and ticketing solution. It is web-based and ties together several data structures that share information with customers, agents and one another.

We developed this system from inception. It is based on a Zendesk platform that has been modified and customized to the client’s specifications. We wrote custom code, setup local and cloud servers, and integrated it all with their website. Parent Company, Hong Kong based Icon Global also uses ACS as the portal for their customer service system worldwide.

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ZOOM SB-246 Streetboxx

 The Streetboxx is a portable drum machine that features preset sounds and kits, a sequencer and battery operation. This device’s design is based on a previous model RT-223.

ZOOM Electronics (Tokyo) called us in to breath some new life into this product and expand it’s market. So we freshened up the front panel color scheme and created all new sound design, song and pattern presets.

The new sounds are specifically aimed at the Hip-Hop demographic. Users include RZA, Public Enemy, Jermaine Dupri and Shannon Sanders (India Arie)

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