During my career, I’ve worked with many brilliant people across the globe. I’ve made great friends, great business contacts and gained a priceless amount of experience and information. Now, I want to share this powerful network and knowledge base with other people who wish to turn their thoughts into things; because it is truly what I love to do. That’s why I created this company. I have many talented individuals in my network. We are in the practice and business of realizing our visions. Let’s see how we can help you realize yours.

-Reavis L. Mitchell, Owner & Operator


Reavis Mitchell has over 20 years of info system and audio technology experience. He earned a Bachelors degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Public Administration from Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN.

Reavis spent 11 years as a GIS Specialist with the U.S. Dept. of the Interior; designing data bases for the Air Force, Navy and Army. He has always loved technology and art; particularly music. So he left the government to create a music production company (Soulbeat Productions) and later, a music technology company (BKE Tech).  Those companies provided conceptualization, sound design, project management and manufacturing support for several professional musical instruments as well as sounds and inspiration for thousands of musicians world wide; many quite well known.

Reavis Mitchell’s sound design has been used on projects for Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Will.i.am, Public Enemy, India Arie and Big Boi (of Outkast). Producers using audio technology developed by Reavis Mitchell include Teddy Riley, Mr. DJ (Outkast), Jermaine Dupri, Johnny Juice (Public Enemy), Bob Ezrin, Rock Wilder, Shannon Sanders and Dallas Austin. Reavis has also been an audio engineer, producer, writer or talent on projects for Phish, Sony Music, McDonalds Corporation, The National Soft Drink Association and many others.  

Reavis Mitchell’s Production, writing, development and sound design has been honored with The 2012 DJ Zone Crystal Disc Award; 2009, 2008 and 2005 Detroit music awards and 9 awards at the 2004 D.C. Ad Club Addy Awards Ceremony. Having been a successful artist and producer himself, Reavis has a unique skill-set that offers an optimal perspective on product design for fellow artists.