Reavis Mitchell Consulting gives you access to a network of talented and very creative audio technology professionals. We perform all tasks needed to develop your product from inception to mass production. We’ve developed music production software, hardware, keyboards, sound sets, audio interfaces, control surfaces, e-commerce web sites and customer service systems. We’ve taken many of these concepts from the idea phase to the customer’s hands. Let us help you turn your thoughts into things. There are many ways that we can assist:

Software & Web Design

We have decades of experience in software, database and web design. We can create custom applications for OSX, Windows, or mobile devices. Whether you are looking for a custom app, a full blown e-commerce site, a customer relationship management system or just a simple homepage; we have a solution for you.

Product Development

We can help you develop your product from concept to production. We help our clients navigate the pitfalls of the entire development process. We can refine your idea, move it through industrial design, prototyping, pre-production, quality control and finally into mass production. We can assist with all or part of this process, however needed.

International Manufacturing

We specialize in developing high quality pro audio devices. We have relationships with manufacturers from the U.S. and Canada to Europe and China. We’ll connect you and help you navigate the often challenging process of international manufacturing and fulfillment; keeping cost down while ensuring high quality and timely delivery.

Sound Design & Audio Engineering

We have extensive experience in audio engineering. From sound design for musical instruments to tracking, mixing and mastering, we have a solution to fit your audio engineering needs. Our sound design has been used by acclaimed artists such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Will.i.am, Public Enemy and India Arie.

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